[TYPO3] lz_gallery layout modification

Christopher bedlamhotel at gmail.com
Tue Jul 18 02:41:12 CEST 2006


On 7/17/06, Ryan Off <roff at mba07.rsm.nl> wrote:
> I'm using Typo3 3.8 and lz_gallery 1.0.1. After reading through the
> documentation I have been able to modify the
> plugin.tx_lzgallery_pi1.layout variable to change the HTML layout of
> the gallery album list. Unfortunately, once I change that variable, I
> can successfully see the album list, but I can not view the photos in
> an album. Even when I copy the default layout directly from the
> "Template Analyser" and paste it directly in to my template's SETUP
> field, I can not see any of my photos in the album view. I still do
> see the "preview" images in the gallery list though.
> Does anyone know something that I may be missing? I copied everything
> in plugin.tx_lzgallery_pi1.layout = (   ....  ) to my SETUP field
> with no success.
> Basically, all I want is for lz_gallery to be controlled using CSS
> without any tables.

A guess:

Change "plugin.tx_lzgallery_pi1.layout = (   ....  )" to
"plugin.tx_lzgallery_pi1.layout  (   ....  )"

This is at least how other TS objects that can take multiline input work.


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