[TYPO3] TS Help: how to get a link to a page up in the rootline?

Patrick Rodacker patrick.rodacker at the-reflection.de
Mon Jul 17 16:12:42 CEST 2006

Hi Ricardo,

Ricardo Scachetti Pereira wrote on 17.07.2006 15:48:

> 1) How do I change the above TS to create a link to the parent page,
> instead of just getting its title;

Try dataWrap instead of linkWrap. And search for the TSRef for "gettext"
[1] to have a look at the possibilities to use with data or dataWrap.

> 2) How do I know which wrap functions can be used in which cObject
> (wrap, allWrap, linkWrap, etc)?

Well, its all in the TSRef. Just have a look at the CObject you need the
information for.

> 3) In section 8.3 of TSRef (see link below), it says TEXT cObj has a
> stdWrap property. Is stdWrap the same as plain wrap property?

No, it is a very powerful functionality which offers a lot of
possibilities. Have a look at [2][3]



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