[TYPO3] Re: [Typo3] Wrong page loaded in the "border" frame

klaus brinch klaus at hafnius.dk
Mon Jul 17 04:33:13 CEST 2006


Did this ever get solved? i have a variant of the same problem. Where 
the border should be a cached copy of my site is loaded. I can se it is 
cached because the links are from when i tinkered with Simulate Static. 
i have cleared all cache.

when i click on the border it still is border.html as it should be, but 
it is not showing that file. checking on the server, border.html is in 
its original state.

very weird - any suggestions?

Klaus b

> "Francesco di Francia" <darksky77 at email.it> wrote in message 
> news:mailman.1.1129020585.7017.typo3-english at lists.netfielders.de...
>> Hi.
>> Just yesterday i installed typo3 for the first time to my webspace. Until 
>> yesterday i tinkered with it locally.
>> I noticed that in the remote installation the "border" beetwen the page 
>> tree and the big module page at the right doesn't appear anymore. Instead 
>> of it , i see again the left menu ( or only a tiny left part of it, 
>> because of the short frame dimension ).
>> I cheched the page loaded in this frame ( yes, the border is a frame 
>> itself ! ) and it says me "alt_menu.php".
>> I checked the page loaded in this frame in my local installation ( the 
>> "right" one ) and it says me "border.html".
>> Here's 2 screenshot:
>> Remote installation backend with no border and double menu:
>> http://www.netwargamingitalia.net/backendwrong.jpg
>> Local installation backend with the right border loaded:
>> http://www.netwargamingitalia.net/backendok.gif
>> I'm using sin_grey skin but this issue occured also in a fresh typo3 
>> installation with standard skin.
>> I know it's a minor issue but i can get rid of this issue ?
>> Regards,
>> Francesco
>> PS: i inserted link to image, i hope they are not automatically attached 
>> to the post !

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