[TYPO3] Google spider problem

Piotr Burda pburda at narty.pl
Sun Jul 16 20:50:02 CEST 2006


I have made www.nowinek.pl (rss agragator)
But i have big problem with google spider who don`t want to index my 
site. In my stats i see that google bot is visiting my site.

I`ve made some investigations about how google see my site, and the 
result was a big bad surprise:


and similar services, said:

Error 503

service temporarily unavailable.

in same time service was perfectly visible for browsers.

linki.nowinek.pl works ok and are "visible" for spider.

Why my typo3 responds to spider that service is unavailable, or mayby 
the problem is not typo3 related... ?

Here is some info about my typo3 configuration:

Typo3 4.0

Installed extensions:

   Context Sensitive Help context_help 1.0.9   System Beta
   Extra Click Menu Options extra_page_cm_options 0.1.0   System Stable
   htmlArea RTE rtehtmlarea 1.3.7   System Stable
   Import/Export impexp 0.2.2   System Beta
   Internal notes sys_note 1.1.2   System Stable
   System language labels lang 0.2.7   System Stable
   TSConfig / TypoScript Object Reference tsconfig_help 1.2.0   System 
   TYPO3 CMS Frontend (TypoScript) cms 1.0.24   System Stable
   Versioning Management version 1.0.0   System Beta

Backend Modules
   Help>About Modules aboutmodules 0.1.0   System Stable
   Tools>Config+DBint lowlevel 1.1.2   System Stable
   Tools>Install install 0.0.4   System Stable
   Tools>Log belog 0.1.2   System Stable
   Tools>User Admin beuser 0.1.2   System Stable
   User>Setup setup 0.0.16   System Stable
   User>Task Center taskcenter 0.1.2   System Stable
   Web>Func, Wizards func_wizards 0.1.0   System Stable
   Web>Func, Wizards, Create multiple pages wizard_crpages 0.0.7 
System Stable
   Web>Func, Wizards, Sort pages wizard_sortpages 0.0.6   System Stable
   Web>Info, Page TSconfig info_pagetsconfig 0.1.0   System Stable
   Web>Template tstemplate 0.0.5   System Stable
   Web>Template, Constant Editor tstemplate_ceditor 0.0.4   System Stable
   Web>Template, Info/Modify tstemplate_info 0.0.4   System Stable
   Web>Template, Object Browser tstemplate_objbrowser 0.0.4   System Stable
   Web>Template, Template analyzer tstemplate_analyzer 0.0.4   System Stable
   Web>View viewpage 0.1.1   System Stable

   Content Wrapper contentwrapper 0.1.3   Local Stable
   CSS styled content css_styled_content 0.3.1   System Beta
   Meta tags, extended metatags 1.0.4   Local Stable
   Popy librarie pp_lib 1.1.1   Local Stable

Frontend Plugins
   CHC Forum chc_forum 1.4.5   Local Beta
   Columna columna 0.0.2   Local Stable
   Font Resizer fontresize 1.0.1   Local Beta
   FrontEnd MP3 Player fe_mp3player 0.2.3   Local Stable
   Front End User Registration sr_feuser_register 2.5.0   Local Stable
   LoginBox / macmade.net loginbox_macmade 0.3.2   Local Stable
   LumoNet PHP Include lumophpinclude 1.1.1   Local Stable
   New front end login box newloginbox 2.2.11   Local Stable
   RSS Reagregator oxcs_rssreagregator 0.3.0   Local Beta
   Select Pro gst_selectpro 1.0.0   Local Beta
   SQL Frontend mh_omsqlio 1.0.3   Local Stable
   Template Auto-parser automaketemplate 0.1.0   Local Stable
   TW RSS Feeds tw_rssfeeds 2.1.1   Local Stable
   Website Photo Gallery jm_gallery 0.5.0   Local Beta
   [Gobernalia] FE-Users Custom Home gb_customhome 0.1.3   Local Beta

   ADOdb adodb 4.81.0   Local SL Stable
   Data Sources datasources 1.0.0   Local Beta
   Developer API api_macmade 0.2.5   Local Stable
   FE BE Library fh_library 0.0.9   Local Alpha
   OneXt API list and card view oxcs_apilistcard 1.2.1   Local Beta
   Onext Field control oxcs_fieldcontrol 0.0.2   Local Beta
   Static Info Tables static_info_tables 2.0.0   Local Stable

   TYPO3 System Services sv 1.0.0   System Stable

   TYPO3 skin t3skin 0.0.1   System Stable

Piotr Burda

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