[TYPO3] Newloginbox doesn't work

Miroslav Monkevic miroslavm at centras.lt
Sun Jul 16 16:12:27 CEST 2006


newloginbox has no configuration options like:

They come from ext newloginbox_tmplable which is an XCLASS of 
newloginbox. If you do not intend to instantiate newloginbox via TS or 
use templating  better deinstall newloginbox_tmplable.
However if you do need this features and also using it with kb_md5fepw, 
be sure that extension are installed in following order:

1. newloginbox
2. kb_md5fepw
3. newloginbox_tmplable


sandiso ndlangalavu wrote:
> Thanks it works. whats the syntax to show forgort password link?
>   is this right: 
>   show_forgot_password = 1 
> Wuergler Robert <typo3 at wuergler-consulting.ch> wrote:
>   Hi
> sandiso ndlangalavu wrote:
>> Why newloginbox is not picking up my users?
>> Or have I miss something?
> Things to check:
> - Sysfolder has "contains plugin" -> Website users
> - Page where plugin is placed has "General Record Storage page" -> 
> sysfolder with your users
> Hope it works.
> Robert
>> Please help, I’m doing bold from pulling my hair.
>> Thanks in advance.
>> Sandiso

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