[TYPO3] Feedback on large site using TYPO3

JoH info at cybercraft.de
Sun Jul 16 12:41:56 CEST 2006

> If these users are logged in users to your site you will have
> problems, TYOP3 doesn't cache any page if a FE user is logged in.
> This means that every page is generated over and over and over and
> over again. Even it contains 'static' content.

Sorry - but this is complete nonsense and I really don't know where you've
got this from.
To show you that caching works perfectly even with logged in users you can
go to this page:

Login as: test/test and follow the instructions to see cached and non cached
parts together on one page, while you are logged in.

IF there is any case of pages not being cached while FE-users are logged in
it is definitely not TYPO3's fault but the fault of the developer of the
extensions you are using or the fault of the person who setup the site.
There are many extensions where you can still find the set_no_cache()
function call, that completely disables page caching, but this is just bad
extension design and not a basic principle how things are done in TYPO3.


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