[TYPO3] Re: [Typo3] no templates found

Johannes Konert johanneskonert at gmx.de
Sat Jul 15 12:48:53 CEST 2006

Hello Redmond,
you have to set a Template..at least for your root page.
Documentation helps you:
or more general

Have a nice TYPO3-Weekend though ;-)

> hi all
> i know this has been discussed, but i'm a newbie and i'm still having
> trouble with the quickstart and freesite packages
> i am running a unix webserver, so i downloaded the unix packages for
> quickstart and freesite off the typo3 website.  i managed to install
> both fine, and i've run through the install tool with no problems -
> except the demo pages that are supposed to come prepackaged with the
> quickstart and freesite packages don't seem to exist.  when i try to
> create a new page in the backend interface, i view the page and get a
> message that says 'no template found!'
> i read the list archives, and read that i needed to run the database
> analyzer in the install tools.  i passed the database analyzer, and
> i've compared and imported everything that was suggested by the
> install tool. i've also installed the freesite package to see, but i
> still get the 'no template found' message.
> am i missing a step in the installation where i install tables
> necessary for templates?  i basically followed the quickstart
> tutorial...
> please advise thanks redmond

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