[TYPO3] IBM evaluates TYPO3: a bit non-professional ?

Valery Romanchev romanchev at typo3lab.ru
Sat Jul 15 12:04:23 CEST 2006

Hello Elmar

> Hello Valery,
> I fear that they have not used css_styled_content. That happens to a lot
> beginners. They discover bullet lists build of tables and run away. That
> the consequence of a still caotic jungle of old and new documentations
> and decaying tutorial packages.

Yes. It look like IBM guys was in a hurry.
They do some erors in illustrations. They also do not evaluate eZ-publish.

They do good  final conclusion: Drupal is good for "community" projects....
But I think they must correct some statement on TYPO3.

> Apart from this xHTML stuff they are right in many points. TYPO3 still
> isn't the answer to all and any requirements.

Yes, but they must write something else:
" TYPO3 is big... blah-blah... It is ECMS, but we need community
collaboration and Drupal is better for us."

I think this article will damage TYPO3 reputation, if no correction will be

Valery Romanchev

> Regards
> Elmar

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