[TYPO3] Feedback on large site using TYPO3

klaus brinch klaus at hafnius.dk
Sat Jul 15 06:25:22 CEST 2006


Here are two articles on Typo3 optimization that i found helpful:

Klaus b

R. van Twisk skrev:
> Buddha Web wrote:
>> Hi TYPO3 community,
>> We're planning to use TYPO3 for one of our web site, but I'm looking
>> for feedback about large site using this great CMS. Does TYPO3 manage
>> easily the load or will we have to bring into play many servers :(?
>> Reference configuration: 100 000 visitors / day for 150 000 000 hits /
>> month on a 3GHz bi-xeon with 2GB of RAM.
>> Thanks for your return !
> I think the big question is if you have users logged in into the site.
> Of not I don't expect problems and you box can handle that.
> If these users are logged in users to your site you will have problems,
> TYOP3 doesn't cache any page if a FE user is logged in. This means that
> every page is generated over and over and over and over again. Even it 
> contains 'static' content.
> Typo3 is know to be not fast during page generation, but with some care 
> you can speed it up to
> about 30 pages/sec on normal hardware (out of cache). You might want to 
> consider not using apache
> but lighthttpd, although I don't have experiences with that webserver.
> of course install a accelerator and a decent version of mysql (with 
> query cache).
> If you have static pages and no logged in users you can use a reverse 
> proxy.
> I have one site with about 22.000-50.000 pages hits per day.
> The server is s pentium at 700Mhz, but with fast SCSI drives and our DB 
> server is separated from the webserver.
> This is handled easily. make sure the extensions you use don't disable 
> cache (yes it's possible, yes it's stupid from the extension designer).
> what else.... have fun with typo3!!!

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