[TYPO3] Templavoila De-map

John Angel johnange at gmail.com
Fri Jul 14 21:44:40 CEST 2006

> It is easy :) Click on the ReMap and select any element, does not matter
> which. On the next step select empty value in the mapping type box
> (where inner/outer appears). That's all.

I did it the same way, but it is a workaround, I think there should be
additional button.

> But J\ohn, I don't recall--is there any actual _problem_ associated
> with having an item show mapping information if it's not actally
> mapped to anything? [I take it that this is the only situation where
> this _could_ matter, since it's trivial to change the mapping from one
> html element to another...]

The idea is to share the same Data Structure for several Template Objects,
since their HTMLs are 70% similar (in my case).

So, I've copied the old TO to new one, and wanted to de-map fields that were
occupying 30% of difference in HTMLs, because they were overlaying new 

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