[TYPO3] SPAM-LOW: Re: Typo3 vs other CMSs

Tapio Markula tapio.markula at dnainternet.net
Fri Jul 14 11:30:14 CEST 2006

Ryan Off wrote:
> I see it as a step which should not be necessary. Ideally it should  be 
> possible to see how templates effect your site without having to  spend 
> much time (meaning somewhere around 15 seconds). The idea of  skinning 
> is to take it very easy and quick to change the look of your  
> site/program/etc. 

skinning of BE can be done - but because Typo3 has so huge quantity of 
icons, it *not* possible to get many good skins for Typo3.
t3skin has much missing icons.
I have made for skin_grey_2 a compromise solution.
Users can easily change module icons.
They can define their own style sheet defining path.
It could be possible to make also selector box,
but it is really big task to make alternative color themes.

If you install kb_skinselect, you can change easily the entire skin
(kb_skinselect is not good as stand alone - it work *only* if you the
default BE language, English. If you have for example German BE, you 
don't have the skin selector box at all but if you have skin_grey_2 you
have that box also if you BE-language is German)
> Windows XP, etc. You create a theme for the software which  alters all 
> the colors and layout very quickly and easily.

If you mean selecting color themes for actual web pages, there is plugin 
for selecting CSS - you have a list of available CSS-files, which you 
can easily select. If CSS-files have descriptive names - for examle 
Green_color_theme.css, it is easy to choose that.

You can have different templates with web pages. Changing both CSS and
template, you can get fast different layout for the actual web pages.

> 10 different skins/themes to your site to see which  fits your content 
> the best

possible with typo3 - you can select templates and color themes for 
'Page properties', if you have installed some plugins.

> Typo3 should be different than most other pieces  of software out there 
> that allow skinning/themes?

I don't understand you - Typo3 supports both skinning and different 
themes for the actual Web-pages. You just seem doesn't know, that Typo3 
supports them.

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