[TYPO3] Address-hounters, this is interesting for you: feevcal.. (and all the others: better fix this..)

zabined deeken at oligoform.de
Thu Jul 13 09:51:02 CEST 2006

Hi Tim,
i wrote this to the list after I tried to reach the author several times 
  by the extension-feedback-tool and all four attempts to type in the 
letter-combination went wrong.
nevertheless the next time I will post tings like that to t3 security 
team but (my excuse..):
as I am more web-desiger than programmer I was quite sure not to be the 
first one to have found out and I did post a quick solution for the fix 
- didn't I.. (naturally it would be even safer to disable the whole 
function viewuser, at first..)


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