[TYPO3] Is that a bug with Firefox?

Werner Weissenfels weissenfels at gmx.de
Thu Jul 13 08:05:33 CEST 2006

Marco Fang wrote:

> Currently I'm testing Typo3 4.0, and I encountered a backend problem.
> Browser: Firefox
> Problem: After clear FE cache in the backend, right and top frame 
> dissapeared. Have to log out and log in again to clear that state.

I sometimes experience similar things in Mozilla 1.7.8.
When I delete some items the middle and right frame go completely blank.
If I switch to the Filelist and come back again the frame content is 
there again.
And in some situations the left navigation frame repeats itself in the 
middle frame. This also gets corrected when going to a different menu 
and coming back.
I haven't really taken the time and track the exact triggers, but it has 
happened repeatedly.


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