[TYPO3] DMail: content could not be fetched.

Katja Lampela katja.lampela at lieska.net
Wed Jul 12 21:23:49 CEST 2006

Hi Sandiso,
I remember I had same kind of problem and if I recall correctly, it had 
something to do with the servers site name. I mean the actual name of 
the site in the linux server.

My client had different providers for the website (my server) and the 
domain maintenance+email. So let's say the situation was like:

The client's "official" domain was clientsdomain.fi (and this was 
addressed to my server by the other provider)
but the site's name in my server was clientsdomain.mydomain.fi

I suppose you have set the dmail to be a TYPO3-page. I would try first 
to change it to be an external url and then just type the url where you 
have the proper page with the proper parameters.

Not sure if this is your problem - any case good luck!

sandiso ndlangalavu wrote:
> Hi
> I've setup dmail on my development machine I can fetch my newsletter
> but on the live server I get an error
>  "HTML content could not be fetched. Plain text content could not be
> fetched"
>  I've included plugin.alt_plaintext(99) and dmail boundaries. Even exported
> my tree structure
>  to t3d from my local machine but still gives me the error on live. Also
> there's no plugin on my newsletter.
> I'm using typo3 ver 4 and dmail ver 2.1.4
>  What's wrong, do I miss something?
>  Please help, as I need this function urgently. I've posted this quesion to dmail list but with no answer.
> Thanks in advance
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