[TYPO3] Typo3 4.0 Install Problems

Amir M. amir219 at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jul 13 15:13:24 CEST 2006

Christoph Koehler wrote:
>> Have any possible ideas?
> Yeah, once you have made sure that there is nothing in the current 
> messed  up db that you still need, and you have it in the export, just 
> delete all  the tables from the old db before importing it from the backup.
> Next time you export your db (if you are using phpmyadmin), there is an  
> option to drop the tables before inserting them; do that.
> So just be 100% sure you don't need anything from your current messed 
> up  db, maybe back it up again (oh what irony) and then just delete all 
> the  tables before importing the first backup.
> Christoph

Ah thank you!  Alright, so the database is completely restored now it 
seems.  My original website works well from what I see.  Now I will try 
the update again all over, and probably just use SSH to make the 
backups, since its much easier.

Also, it would be a good idea, along with making a copy of the 
directories and files, to just make a second copy of the database and 
use that?  I would have to edit the localconf file to make sure that the 
site will use the new copy right?


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