[TYPO3] Mark external links

Robert Markula robert.markula at gmx.net
Wed Jul 12 16:25:07 CEST 2006

Tapio Markula wrote:
> Robert Markula wrote:
>> Kenneth Bo Larsen wrote:
>>> Hi again Robert
>>> Nice to hear that you found a solution..
>>> Regarding the image in mail-links..i found this post about RTE 
>>> configuration on the list.
>> Hi again,
>> Thanks for your efforts in trying to help me!
>> I know this possibility of RTE, but it requires every editor to 
>> remember to select the correct style whenever he sets a link.
> Dosn't editor automatic add them?

In my tests it did just display the style selecorbox with the entry, 
which you have to select yourself.

Even if it worked automatically, we can't do that manually for all 
articles that have been published until now.


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