[TYPO3] org-site's extension search issues

Katja Lampela katja.lampela at lieska.net
Wed Jul 12 05:25:29 CEST 2006

Christopher wrote:

> Just on this one topic--indexed search is not IN the repository. As a
> system extension, indexed search is directly related to a particular
> version of TYPO3 and so is included in the source. I think that it's
> been like this since 3.8.0; you just have to go to your extension
> manager and install it.
> But don't ask me where the indexed search manual went...
> -Christopher

Ah that's the reason, thanks Christopher. Okay I understand why all ext 
don't show like one would expect. It's probably a clever reason - (and 
the manual is probably included in the package) and maybe it is 
mentioned somewhere. But no results at all in search? If this is 
supposed to lead into only one specific direction I must say it seems to 
lead to no direction; only some vague directions (what other search 
engines give).

And to add some 'dreamlike' features to the topic : document or 
site-tree-branch specific search - I wouldn't even mention this 
otherwise but it has been in the lists lately (Jody, Tapio, You).

Actually a non-knower wouldn't think it is that big a job but it is, 
isn't it? My quest started from this little thing - I was trying to 
activate "not in search" in the page properties and it had no effect in 
indexed search, but I suppose that's another thread into which I'll dive 
deep if I don't find solution...


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