[TYPO3] Globalvars

Peter Niederlag niederlag at ikd01.de
Tue Jul 11 20:32:23 CEST 2006


Bas van der Togt schrieb:
> Hello list,
> [globalVar = GP:L = 1]
> temp.Language = HMENU
does this mean you are attempting to switch languages as well based on
domain and L param?

Something gets mixed up in there. I gues it would be pretty easy to spot
the problem by probong/analyzing the site.

Actually you are only swithcing the language settings based on domains
(conditions) but I don't see where your links should point to the other

Anyway I am sorry I can'Tt easily sport the problem without a better
description what you want to achieve and how it's currently working
(means public link to site available?)

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