[TYPO3] RealURL Troubles

Christoph Herrmann cherrmann at lemon-digital.com
Tue Jul 11 11:10:54 CEST 2006

Thank you very much Dimitry!

I have studied the documentation and I have attempted to edit 
localconf.php but I have not had any results, it just breaks my site, 
parse errors come up. And quite frankly I find it somewhat advanced for 
a non programmer. Not even the base example worked and all I did was 
paste it into localconf.php...

I will update my Typo3 installation (surely another day of work and 
everything broken at the end of it :)).

Frankly, I am very impressed  by what Typo3 can do, but I have also 
never  come across anything this user unfriendly, and I have learnt to 
use/install/customize a number of web apps. Unless you are a programmer 
you are lost with most of the documentation. I don't need dummy speak, 
but it would be nice if at least the info was provided with some sort of 
step by step and not assume I know Typo3/TypoScript inside out... I'll 
keep reading and trying ...



Dmitry Dulepov wrote:

>Christoph Herrmann wrote:
>>However I also installed RealURL Configurator and RealURL Management, 
>>both of which do absokutely nothing. They isnstalled and appear in the 
>>left hand menu of the backend. But when I click them all I get is the 
>>preview window with the  page I have currently slected in the hierachy. 
>>Nothing else at all!
>Logout from BE and login again.
>>TYPO3 Ver. 3.8.0
>>Extensions latest versions from the repository...
>This is wrong. You cannot use realurl 1.x with typo3 3.x. It will not 
>work properly.

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