[TYPO3] Extending Existing Extensions

Marco Fang marcofang at gmail.com
Sun Jul 9 23:22:42 CEST 2006

Hi Benjamin,

Thanks for your help, too!
Frank had answered me similar question months ago, at that time I was 
not mature enough to understand how extension works.
Waiting is a good thing but writing (for myself) is another good thing, 
too! When better thing comes out, I'll dump my crappy codes to embrace 
the nicer one ;) Hope I can do some efforts for the community in a few 

Best regards,
Marco Fang

Benjamin Mack wrote:
> Hey,
> actually I wouldn't extend tt_products. First of all there are awesome 
> extensions for this extension out there (or... are they already merged 
> into tt_products v2?), secondly I think there is a new extension in the 
> pipe (tt_commerce or something) that is a complete redesign / rethinking 
> of the old one. So if you have time, check out the wiki about this stuff 
> and wait for it. If you need to put your hands on tt_products right now, 
> I would create patches for tt_products and send it to Frank so he can 
> include it in a new tt_products version rather than create your own 
> "extension of an extension".
> But that's just my two cents.
> -- 
> greetings,
> benni.
> -SDG-
> Marco Fang wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> I would like to utilize some functions, for example, extending the 
>> product page of tt_products to put comment or downloads on it.
>> Is that possible to use some kind of setting to make it successful or 
>> I have to write or find another extension to utilize it?
>> Your comments are appreciated.
>> Marco Fang
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