[TYPO3] PHP script implementation

Peter Kindström peter.kindstrom at abc.se
Sun Jul 9 16:58:59 CEST 2006

> I've tried lumophpinclude: it doesn't seem to work. Again, i think since it
> isn't a one file php script but a multi-file with "require('scriptname.php')"
> linking the files or something (i'm not brilliant with php).
> I'll look into the TS Reference stuff.
> Does anyone else have any other suggestions?

I had trouble when using "include('scriptname.php')" together 
with an extension like lumophpinclude. What I had to do was add 
the path to the directory where the "scriptname.php" were put - 
even if it was in the same directory as the main script! Like this:


I think the path has to be relative the Typo3 main directory 
(where fileadmin, typo3temp etc subdirectorier are found).


Peter Kindström

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