[TYPO3] Include static file in page

Drew Leske dleske at uvic.ca
Fri Jul 7 21:24:19 CEST 2006

This seems like something that would be brain-dead to do, and I haven't seen 
anybody else ask this question, which makes me think it's so obvious that a 
monkey (one, working by himself, in ten minutes) could get it done.  So 
apologies if this is the case, but I can't figure out how to include static 
files in a Typo3 page.

I want to basically include it as a content element, or within one, so I can 
wrap that content with static text.

I've looked at various options but I don't want to use iframes--which I 
can't get to work anyway because no matter what I do, the RTE html area and 
typo3 clean them out (even with: RTE.default.proc.allowTags = iframe ; 
RTE.default.proc.HTMLparser_rte.tags.iframe.protect = 1 in the page TSConfig).

Getting frustrated, if anybody can help I'd appreciate it.


Drew Leske :: Systems Group/Unix, Computing Services, University of Victoria
   dleske at uvic.ca / +1250 472 5055 (office) / +1250 588 4311 (cel)

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