[TYPO3] Teaching TYPO3

Nguyen Duc Hung hungnd at ise.com.vn
Fri Jul 7 09:29:27 CEST 2006

Simon Angling wrote:
> I'm teaching a very small class in web development for the IT training 
> college I'm involved in.
> I've agreed to run a weeks module on TYPO3 as an extra module. That 
> would work out at 20 hours classroom time.
> Has anyone taught TYPO3 in a classroom before? Any thoughts about course 
> content anyone?
> Cheers,
> Simon

I thinks you should teach similar the typo3/document . The first you 
introduce about CMS , and Typo3 the herachive , then you teach them how 
to make the template on Typo3 (use defaul,use xtemplate and use 
Temvoila). After they know how to make an own template and use Typo3 
fluently then you introduce about ext , the basic ext .

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