[TYPO3] "Survey": are you using TYPO3 workspaces?

Christopher bedlamhotel at gmail.com
Thu Jul 6 18:30:16 CEST 2006


On 7/6/06, Jamie Lawrence Jenner <forums at webgremlins.net> wrote:
> as long as your page permissions are setup , and your user groups
> permissions are set up correctly, then you can add new pages

Permissions were, if I remember correctly (was a month or so ago when
I tried to test workspaces), the main problem--nothing I was able to
do in the BE user records seemed able to prevent this error:

"1: Attempt to set stage for record failed because you do not have edit access"

...when the workspace user tries to change the stage of a content
change for review. Members of the same usergroup can add, edit and
delete content without problems if I allow them access to the live

The word 'stage' in the error message suggests that
tt_content.t3ver_stage is the field that the user can't access, but I
can't see any way to allow the user to access it--even selecting ALL
of the 'Allowed excludefields' in the pages and tt_content tables for
the group makes no difference.

Presumably it's something simple, but this is why I'm not too eager to
pursue workspaces until some documentation reappears.


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