[TYPO3] Full control of the anchor tag?

dave ashton dave at bassmedia.net
Tue Jul 4 12:42:41 CEST 2006

> >
> > This is basic stuff. Read first TSRef.
> > As for an example how to do menus, fetch from TER but don't install
> > HTMLCSS Styling and look at the setup.txt (or was it ext_setup.txt)
> > of that plugin.

Just read the above about html/css styling. I use this but some typoscript
doesn't seem to work at times.
I usually use css styled content, template auto parser and html/css styling.

Would it be more flexible to miss out html/css styling and do more setup
with typoscript or leave some of the donkey work to html/css styling.

Sorry, for the ambiguous question, really just wanted other peeps opinions
of using html/css styling over setting up from template auto parser and css
styled content.

Just thought - the saying ' there are many ways to skin a cat' should be
here' there are many ways to skin a template in typo3..........ahem!'


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