[TYPO3] a call for good documenation writers to partner with extension developers

Martin Kindler kindlerm at arcor.de
Mon Jul 3 16:01:59 CEST 2006


I disagree with you.
A "general" list should be the starting point for discussions which might
interest a larger audience.
No one can subscribe to so many lists. Currently I need in my daily work 4
or 5 products/tools. I am subscribed to the respective "general" user lists.
This means a few hundred mails daily. I cannot and will not post my problems
or opinions to all the specific sublists which exist.

Sure, when a discussion gets too deep and long, it should migrate to a more
appropriate place and someone should tell the readers of the general list
where she/he can find it (assuming an easily accessible archive is available

And: please inform the users in a polite way. Not this ">YOU MADE AN
ERROR!!!!" style which IMHO we find too often in this list.

User communities of open source software must rely on one central place
where information is exchanged, and this is the "general" list in my


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> Cate,
> No sorry I disagree.  The point of this list is not 
> documentation. That 
> is why there *is* a list for that!
> By your argument where does it stop then - the weather? Or 
> maybe using 
> the basis of your logic we should just move this to the dev list?  ;-)
> There is a correct list, and this simply isn't it! If people want to 
> discuss documentation then (newbies or experinced users) it doesn't 
> matter  - this isn't he place. And one can find a full list of the 
> newslists here (from the typo3.org homepage):
> http://typo3.org/frontpage-menu-links/mailinglists/
> Cate & Peter wrote:
> > Tyler
> > 
> >> Wrong list please move the discussion!
> > 
> > One of the reasons I continued to post here is becs the 
> documentation 
> > list is mainly experienced users, and there is not much 
> activity there 
> > ... whereas the topic came up here.
> > 
> > Once we get something substantial, of course I *will* move to the 
> > correct list.
> > 
> > (refraining from sticking out my tongue like a 5 year old, 
> but I mean
> > *really* ... can a general list not also discuss documentation??)
> > 
> > Cate
> > 
> > 
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