[TYPO3] mailformplus and multilanguage

Andrea Giorgini a.giorgini at norvlit.de
Mon Jul 3 11:03:10 CEST 2006

Hi list,

following the posts of Marlies C, I'am trying to setup a form contact in 
a multilanguage one-tree-fits-all-languages concept website. My steps:

1 - installed the ext ;-)
2 - setup 2 sysfolders under the contact page (1 de, 1 en)
3 - inside each sysfolder there is a record mailformplus pointing to the 
related template file (nothing else!)
4 - in the contact page 2 content elements mailformplus with starting 
point the related sysfolder

Now my question: I don't see anything in the contact page... the 
template files are a raw copy of the example from the estension... just 
some different text too see what happen.

What do I miss? Any TS?

Thx a lot


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