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Hi There,

I can only agree with the comments below, it really frustrates me. It is
just such a powerful and flexible system.

When researching what CMS to implement, all i heard was - stay away from
Typo3, its too hard to learn! I spoke to a friend who had experience with
Typo3, and i was converted. I have been developing for years, and i still
find myself taking ages to do simple things some time.

I have been documenting the system for the last three or four months, on how
do al the basics, and a load of  extensions too. I cant make them public
yet, as im not sure if i can, i expect tht they will be made public, and i
will let people know.

I am curious though, is templa voila not compatible with some extensions?


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Hi Dave

>Do others feel the same or I am being thick and it is my lack of being able
>to learn technical information? (which I know is the case in some areas!)

:) I do relate to how you feel. I think that for those of us who are not
particularly code minded, Typo3 is made more difficult by the incomplete

Unfortunately, as with most "volunteer" things, it takes time for that to
happen, and being open source and free, there just doesn't seem to be the
funds available to pay people to ensure the documentation is complete and up
to date.

I guess the solution is for those of us who feel we have benefited from
using the system to donate time and or money toward the development of such

I also am spending hours and hours doing relatively simple things, and all
the more difficult by the fact that most extensions have no documentation
for Templavoila, which I didn't realise when I started to use TV.

Hang in there ... it seems to get easier eventually :)


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