[TYPO3] mysql error on top of every FE page :-/

Andreas Balzer eMail at andreas-balzer.de
Sat Jul 1 17:41:01 CEST 2006

Erik Svendsen schrieb:
> Hello Andreas,
>> Hi!
>> If i enable sql debug output, i get the following errors on top of
>> every
>> page as long as these pages are not cached. What can i do? Where do
>> the
>> errors come from?
> Why enabling sql debug output. Debugging reduce performance, and should
> only be used if you have other problems. If no problems, turn it of.
Yes, i know.. normally it's turned of, but i do have problems.
> To me it looks like the bug appears when following SQL statement runs
> "SELECT md5hash, imagewidth, imageheight FROM cache_imagesizes WHERE
> md5filename="xx".
the interesting thing is, that phpmyadmin is successfull with the
database request. It does not output an error, but an entry..
> I suppose the problem is somewhere in the listing of
> debug_backtrace, probably in ux_tslib_cobj, who are in a xclass extension.
This could be the case

> Which version of TYPO3, version of MySQL are you running. Remember that
TYPO3 4.0
Mysql 4.1.16
> TYPO3 don't follow the strict rules of MySQL 5.x. Are you running one or
> more of the following extensions, tm_contentaccess (who has class
> ux_tslib_cobj), tableswithoutp, qcom_htmlcleaner, cron_cssstyledimgtext.
> If you do, try to uninstall them.

I have tm_contentaccess imported on my server, but not installed.

> But if everything works okay without debugging, why care. I don't, only
> debug when I don't get the expected result. Errors who don't affect
> output I don't use resources on. The possibility for sql syntax error in
> extensions are there. Mainly because the developer hasn't time and
> resources to check with many versions of MySQL.
Well there are some interesting things. First of all, i found out, that
the error is displayed as many times, as a tt_news entry is outputed on
my page. The reason why i want to solve that problem is, that sometimes
my tt_news says that there isn't anything to display. Sometimes my
complete webpage just stays empty without any erroroutput (if sql output
is disabled..) The blank page is then cached and.... :-/


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