[TYPO3] mysql error on top of every FE page :-/

Erik Svendsen erik at linnearad.no
Sat Jul 1 12:53:51 CEST 2006

Hello Andreas,

> Hi!
> If i enable sql debug output, i get the following errors on top of
> every
> page as long as these pages are not cached. What can i do? Where do
> the
> errors come from?

Why enabling sql debug output. Debugging reduce performance, and should only 
be used if you have other problems. If no problems, turn it of.

To me it looks like the bug appears when following SQL statement runs "SELECT 
md5hash, imagewidth, imageheight FROM cache_imagesizes WHERE md5filename="xx". 
I suppose the problem is somewhere in the listing of debug_backtrace, probably 
in ux_tslib_cobj, who are in a xclass extension.

Which version of TYPO3, version of MySQL are you running. Remember that TYPO3 
don't follow the strict rules of MySQL 5.x. Are you running one or more of 
the following extensions, tm_contentaccess (who has class ux_tslib_cobj), 
tableswithoutp, qcom_htmlcleaner, cron_cssstyledimgtext. If you do, try to 
uninstall them.

But if everything works okay without debugging, why care. I don't, only debug 
when I don't get the expected result. Errors who don't affect output I don't 
use resources on. The possibility for sql syntax error in extensions are 
there. Mainly because the developer hasn't time and resources to check with 
many versions of MySQL.

Even with much larger systems than TYPO3, errors like this occurs freqvently. 

It's only one error you have.

> Here are the errors:
> caller	t3lib_DB::sql_query
> ERROR	You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that
> corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use
> near '' at line 1
> lastBuiltQuery	SELECT md5hash, imagewidth, imageheight
> FROM cache_imagesizes
> md5filename='c8ff80253f39aaf85d70a2a779046618'
> debug_backtrace	require // include // tspagegen::rendercontent //
> ux_tslib_cobj->cobjget // ux_tslib_cobj->cobjgetsingle //
> ux_tslib_cobj->content // ux_tslib_cobj->cobjgetsingle //
> ux_tslib_cobj->cobjgetsingle // ux_tslib_cobj->casefunc //
> ux_tslib_cobj->cobjgetsingle // ux_tslib_cobj->cobj_array //
> ux_tslib_cobj->cobjget // ux_tslib_cobj->cobjgetsingle //
> ux_tslib_cobj->cobjgetsingle // ux_tslib_cobj->user //
> ux_tslib_cobj->calluserfunction // call_user_method //
> tx_cssstyledcontent_pi1->render_textpic // ux_tslib_cobj->image //
> ux_tslib_cobj->cimage // t3lib_db->sql_query // t3lib_db->debug

Erik Svendsen

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