[TYPO3] Embedding flash to template (html 4.01 transitional)

Elijah Alcantara elijah.alcantara at gmail.com
Tue Feb 28 09:23:31 CET 2006


I've decided to use <object> instead of <embed> in my site template to
get rid of the errors in html  4.01 validation. But problem comes when
it's inside typo3, the flash doesn't load ... but when the template is
viewed directly from the browser I could really see it load in both IE
& Firefox.

So I tried an extension rlmpflashdetection and applied this typoscript
to insert it in my template:

plugin.tx_rlmpflashdetection_pi1 {
   conf {
      overrideUID = 1

temp.flashfront < plugin.tx_rlmpflashdetection_pi1

temp.flashright < temp.flashfront
temp.flashright {
   conf {
       overrideUID = 2

UID 1 is first flash content on the main column, UID 2 is the second
flash content on the right column.

This looks about ok in the object browser, temp.flashfront gets the
UID of 1 & flash.right gets the UID of 2. But when viewed on the
browser, it only displays the first flash content UID 1 on both
columns. Also, looking at the source, it's got <embed> on it.

*sigh*. Is there a better way for typo3 to get flash working and yet
still be able to be html 4.01 transitional?


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