[TYPO3] Insertion of values from $_SESSION into a HTML cObject

Kilian Hann kilian.hann at gmx.de
Mon Feb 27 18:58:57 CET 2006

Hasse Feldthaus wrote:
> Hi ...

> I have some HTML cObjects on different pages, containing HTML form input
> fields. Every time a HTML form is submittet, I (by the action parameter of
> the form) stuff whatever the user has entered into $_SESSION before the user
> is directed to the next part of the form. If the user browses thru earlier
> filled pages, I want the fields to be preloaded with the data entered
> earlier.

As the name HTML cOject suggests, I think it doesn't support PHP ;-)

Why don't you use an extension and render the form in it (via a 
templatefile) as well as the userdata (if there's already some in the 
If you just need a very small amount of PHP data to be processed in an 
TYPO3 content element, there's an extension 
which handles PHP code via the eval() function.

But I would really recommend that you write an extension for that...


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