[TYPO3] When choosing another headerimage...

Brian Bendtsen brb at mentor-it.dk
Mon Feb 27 16:11:45 CET 2006


I have a problem when changing header image for pages. So far I have this:

lib.topimage = IMAGE
lib.topimage {

# Default image if no image is inserted on the page
   file = fileadmin/template/main/topimages/sh_header.jpg
   file.import.data = levelmedia: -1, "slide"

# Folder to upload the userdefined images to
   file.import = fileadmin/template/main/topimages/
   file.import.listNum = 0
   file.import.override.field = media

- and using a differnt image on one page was a success, but using this 
image again on another page didnt work, since Typo3 creates a copy of 
the image adding _01 to it and placing it in the uploads/media folder.

Then the above Typoscript cant find it. How do you tell Typo3 not to 
create a copy of the image?

/Brian Bendtsen

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