[TYPO3] displaying mininews on the front page

racco raczek at open.infi.pl
Sat Feb 25 16:13:55 CET 2006


I am trying to display a splash of mininews on my front page. I don't 
want to have it displayed through all site but only on one particular 
page (root page). I know how to display mininews using TypoScript, but 
it renders it on all subpages. How to do it only on one page?
I was trying to use some conditions within my TS, but they didn't work:

temp.mainTemplate = TEMPLATE
temp.mainTemplate {
# [treeLevel = 0]
   subparts.news-pi < plugin.tx_mininews_pi1
   subparts.news-pi.CMD = FP
  #[PIDupinRootline = 399]
   subparts.news-pi < temp.nothing

Above I was trying to limit plugin rendering only to page which was 
RootLevel, but it didn't work. Then I was trying to display some dummy 
content on all pages on the rootline apart from root site (pid=399) - 
also nothing. It seems like conditions don't work at all in TEMPLATE object.

Any ideas?


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