[TYPO3] Replace page content when single view displayed

Jeppe Vesterbæk jhve02 at control.aau.dk
Fri Feb 24 13:46:57 CET 2006

Hi Mike

>Jeppe, how do I make the links in the listview point to the subpage?
Well, what you basically want to do is to give the listview page the PID 
of the subpage -- if you have the PID, you have the url to the page, 
right?. You could hard code it like "index.php?id=PID", but even better 
use one of the available functions $this->cObj->getTypoLink_URL(...) or 
$this->cObj->pi_linkToPage(...) (see them described here: 

Ok, so how to you get the PID of you "details"-page? You have a number 
of possible ways to do this. Some of them could be:

1) The nicest solution is to configure your plugin using flexforms. You 
can read about that here: 
But if you are new to typo3 extension development, this may be a bit too 
much (though will have/should look at this at some point :p).

2) When you insert a plugin, you have the possibility of selecting a 
"starting point". You could use this field when you insert your list 
view plugin to select the single view page. In your plugin, get the page 
value like this: $pid = $this->cObj->data['pages']. A small notice: if 
you select more than one page, $this->cObj->data['pages'] will contain a 
comma-separated list if PIDs. So, to be sure use $PIDs= explode(",", 
$this->cObj->data['pages']), and you can read the first pid in $PIDs[0].

3) You could use page typoscript to do it: Put the following in your 
template typoscript field:
 "plugin.tx_mikejones_listview_pi1.singleviewPID = 43" (substitute 
'tx_mikejones_listview_pi1' with the name of your plugin and '43' with 
the PID of your single view page). Then in your listview plugin, you can 
get the value like this: $pid = $conf['singleviewPID']

4) And the very simple: Just hard code the PID of the single view page 
in your list view plugin.

Quick summary (in reverse order): Number 3 and 4 are quick but not nice 
and they only allow you to have one list view /single view per site 
since they are defined globally -- I included them in the list just to 
show you a broader list of options. Number 2 is ok -- it allows you to 
define the PID locally and you can thus have as many list view/single 
view sets as you'd like. Furthermore, it's very easy and quick to 
implement.  Number 1 is the nicest solution IMHO, but it's gonna take 
you some time if you don't know flexforms.

Hope you figure it out. Otherwise do not hesitate to ask again. Have a 
nice weekend.

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