[TYPO3] Let user change the header image

Søren Vedel sv at workhouse.com.br
Thu Feb 23 17:14:05 CET 2006

Hi Brian,

An answer to the first question:

1. Put this into your main template

lib.topimage = IMAGE
lib.topimage {

# Default image if no image is inserted on the page
   file = fileadmin/template/topimages/default_topimage.jpg
   file.import.data = levelmedia: -1, "slide"

# Folder to upload the userdefined images to
   file.import = fileadmin/template/topimages/
   file.import.listNum = 0
   file.import.override.field = media

2. Then you put lib.topimage into your TV the usual way

3. Add an image to the page header (type: advanced) section: Files

4. Read Marlies Cohens excellent explanation:


Best regards
Søren Vedel

Brian Bendtsen wrote:
> Hi
> A lot of my users wants different image headers for different pages.
> I tried using the Simple Page Header Selector, but I cant find any 
> documentation on it.
> another thing, if for example the adress field in the template is 
> different on some pages how is it possible for the user to change it?
> Im using TemplaVoila
> /Brian Bendtsen

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