[TYPO3] replace title-field in menu with content

Christian Heck heck at punkt.de
Thu Feb 23 09:32:24 CET 2006

Good Morning list,

I'm currently working on a tricky navigation.
I started up with a standard TMENU that uses CSS for a vertical menu.
The problem is, that I need to place some content from
styles.content.getRight into the last level of my menu, depending on the
 selected menu item.

To get a closer idea of what I'm talking about. Take a look at the
German Porsche page under www.porsche.de

The menu I'm trying to create is showing up under the "Modelle" part.
The last "menu item" is a description of the selected car.
My idea is to select this somehow from the target page, e.g. the first
content element out of the styles.content.getRight part.

Does anybody has an idea how I can work this out?
The first 3 menu levels a working fine with CSS an TMENU so far. Maybe
there is a chance to get the last item with the picture an text wraped
up with another div-tag.

Many thanks


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