[TYPO3] tt_products: Products always visible even stock is 0

Harald Klotzberg [decomplex audio HQ] harry at decomplexaudio.com
Thu Feb 23 09:06:24 CET 2006

Good Morning Franz,

sorry, i read my post again ... it´s a bit unclear and the other way around
what i was trying to explain :)

sure, if i use showNotinStock = 1, all Products shown (as well products with
stock = 0),
thats the plan :) 

Having only "To Cart" Button on the whole page is a nice idea, but i would
prefer having buttons on each Product,
as i´m having a lot.

Another Idea is:
I clone the Templatepart ###ITEM_LIST_TEMPLATE### to new
What i´m trying to do is, check if stock is 0, then substitute
of ###ITEM_LIST_TEMPLATE### which is exactly the same without "To Basket

or having a marker wrapping the "add to basket" part and show it only if
stock != 0

that´s only an idea, i haven´t check the sourcecode so far,
what do you think as tt_products guru, is it easy to do?



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Helleo harry,

> i have some troubles with the showNotinStock Option in tt_products. 
> Products are always visible, even Stock is 0
This is as intended.

> I thought setting the showNotinStock = 1 should help, so button should 
> be invisible, right ? But nothing happens, products are always shown 
> :(

You can move the button out of the products item display into the list
template. So you have only one button on a page.

See the BananaGuard's template/example_template_bill_de.tmpl.

- Franz
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