[TYPO3] links form Typo3 to static pages

Andreas Koppa akoppa at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 22:17:53 CET 2006


I wish that Typo3 displays my old HTML pages from a medium size site (many 
thousands pages). So, I have modified an extension that loads an old static 
page, deletes all tags and unnecessary stuff, adds some features and render 
the page on Typo3.  That works without problems.

Then, I did mimic my old dir structure on Typo3 and using RealUrl I have 
nice URL´s like those on my current old site.

This approach produces an odd effect and two problems.  First, any URL points 
both to Typo3 and the old system, but the current static HTML site takes 
precedence over Typo3.  As a consequence the page displayed is the old one 
rendered on top of Typo3.  If I modify the menu structure on Typo3 in order 
to avoid the problem I will end with two links per content and that’s undesirable 

The second problem is that all the static pages contain lots of internal 
links to other pages.  If a static page containing links is rendered on a 
Typo3 window the links calls the old static HTML pages that are displayed 
outside Typo3.

I suppose the first problem could be solved using some code in .htacess, 
but I’m not an Apache expert and need help on this matter.

The second problem make me run on circles too.  I can’t figure out how to 
call my extension or any other grabber extension from a link on a rendered 
page, so that the called static page filtered by my extension is displayed 
by Typo3 .  Is there an extension capable to do that?


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