[TYPO3] tt_products: Products always visible even stock is 0

Harald Klotzberg [decomplex audio HQ] harry at decomplexaudio.com
Wed Feb 22 16:19:38 CET 2006

Hi List,

i have some troubles with the showNotinStock Option in tt_products.
Products are always visible, even Stock is 0

What i´m trying to do is:

I have 3 different kind of products in my Shop.
- Products available as pdf-for-free to download (solved via datasheet +
marker so downloadable in the product description, works fine) & printed
version to order with add to basket (WORKS!!!)
- Products available as printed version (standard, WORKS as well!)
- AND product only to download as pdf (doesn´t work)

The problem is: i need to have all of the 3 variants in the shop listed (no
seperate shop for pdf´s only). 
First 2 works nice. What i want to do with downloadable-pdf´s:

A product (pdf-to-download-only) should normally listed as others but
without an add to cart button. 
I thought setting the showNotinStock = 1 should help, so button should be
invisible, right ?
But nothing happens, products are always shown :(

I´m using tt_products 2.4.6 on Typo3 3.8.1

thanx a lot

grtz, harry

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