[TYPO3] Front end user registration - adding fields

Helge Vad helge at mereteland.dk
Wed Feb 22 13:01:58 CET 2006

> Im currently working with the Front end user registration extension and
> im trying to add some fields following the tutorial.
> I have created the extension to add 3 fields to the fe_user tabel, but
> when I add a field to the Template all I see in the front end create
> form is something like: ###LABEL_CPRNR###.

Besides adding column definitions the kickstarter and adding corresponding
field definitions to your fe_admin_fe_users.tmpl file you also need to apply
an updated TS template for the fe_adminLib plugin, example:

plugin.feadmin.fe_users {
  templateFile = fileadmin/fe_admin_fe_users.tmpl
  create.fields =

This TS template has to be present in (or in the rootline of) the page with
the user registration.

(remember the 'tx_myextension' part of the field name (also in your

The easiest way to write the new template TS definition for
plugin.feadmin.fe_users is to get a copy of the original TS with the
Template Analyzer tool.

Best Helge Vad

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