[TYPO3] question about typolink and realurl

Andrew Seguin asegu at borgtech.ca
Wed Feb 22 09:20:43 CET 2006

Hello all!

I'm hoping for some help with what I thought was a simple situation...

I've been desiring to make a simple language menu without using a php 
script. I thought I had a simple idea, but it doesn't work. I've 
searched through google and the archives and came accross one page in 
german (which unfortunatly I don't really understand) that was talking 
about "config.uniqueLinkVars", so I tried that (both setting to 0 and to 
1) and it hasn't worked. I've triple checked tsref for typolink and 
experimented some... still I have no further ideas.

I want (for now) to have a simple text menu as a proof of concept where 
it is simply "EN  HR". EN should be a link to the current page in 
english (/en/home/), HR a link to the current page in croatian  
(/hr/pocetna_stranica/). However I get simply EN (/en/home) and HR 
(/en/home); so the typoscript in it's basics is there, I just need a way 
to change the language half way through (if possible?)

I've used as simple typoscript for now as possible to not get distracted 
with other issues. I use typolink to create the links. I tried passing 
&L=1 with typolink with no success. I'm not all that sure in what order 
does parsing from realurl and typoscript happen, so I tried even 
changing the sys_language_uid from 0 (english) to 1 (croatian) and back, 
but that doesn't change anything either.

btw, I'm using typo3 3.9-dev, I keep realurl cacheing off and I clear FE 
cache after each trial...

Any ideas anybody?


ps: The typoscript code currently looks like this:

temp.leftlangmenu = COA

# EN
#config.sys_language_uid = 0
temp.leftlangmenu.10 = TEXT
temp.leftlangmenu.10 {

# HR
#config.sys_language_uid = 1
temp.leftlangmenu.20 = TEXT
temp.leftlangmenu.20 {
   typolink.additionalParam = &L=1

#config.sys_language_uid = 0

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