[TYPO3] Stability & performance problem

Piotr Burda pburda at narty.pl
Tue Feb 21 21:22:39 CET 2006

Michael Scharkow napisał(a):
> [benchmarks]
> It really seems like eaccelerator is not working, or something else must 
> be seriously wrong with PHP and/or TYPO3. The numbers for static file 
> output look okay, although I expected a little more (do you use 
> Hyperthreading?), so it must be PHP that is screwing up. You already 
> lose connections with low concurrency, so PHP is taking far too long.
> You have mod_php and not PHP running thru CGI I hope ;)
> Seriously, double check that eaccelerator works (there's a php script 
> that comes with it that you can use), otherwise I'm a little at loss...

Our problem was in bad eaccelerator configuration, and in mysql 
maxclients which was to high.

now everything seems to work.


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