[TYPO3] Is Typo3 the choice for me?

Michael Scharkow mscharkow at gmx.net
Tue Feb 21 11:01:08 CET 2006

ammad jami wrote:
> Hello

Hi, please don't post the same mail twice, thanks.

> I am in process of selecting a CMS. I actually have to develop a big portal
> for a certain industry. This portal will have 100+ sub portals. Each
> subportal will have registered users and each user will have a site of his
> own for maintaining his personal content on his personal site. There will be
> around 1000+ users per subportal. Moreover, each subportal will have blogs,
> communities, groups etc. as well as some shared content sites. Each user
> having an indpendent site on a subportal, may also need to connect to an
> email server where an email account rests for him.
> So the question is, Is Typo3 a good choice to fit these needs?

1) The BE/FE distinction does not seem to work well with your concept, 
which has only FE users who manage some content and interact in forums, etc.
2) User registration, personal home pages, blogs all need customization 
in TYPO3, and if you want FE users to manage all this, you have to write 
custom extensions in some cases.

> By the way, till now the race has narrowed down between Typo3,Plone and
> Drupal.

I'm not sure if either of them is a good choice. I don't know much about 
Drupal, but with Plone it is equally hard to have individual sub-portals 
with their own infrastructure and users. Of course, it is always 
possible to simply create 100+ Plone or Drupal sites, but that's ugly 
and cheating.

With TYPO3, you could create a subportal structure and then replicate 
this as often as you want as a simple subpage to the site root, and you 
could manage your users, override templates, etc. in these subportals. 
That would be the best solution I think.

So for TYPO3 and your project:

1. Scalability and management of subportals: Very well suited
2. Community functions and stuff: Not out of the box, but can be done

I expect that you have a big budget for such a project, and you could 
afford professional help and custom extensions.


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