[TYPO3] Is Typo3 the choice for me?

S. Teuber traveler_in_time at gmx.net
Tue Feb 21 10:42:18 CET 2006


> portal for a certain industry. This portal will have 100+ sub portals.
> Each subportal will have registered users and each user will have a

sub portals... check
registered users... check

> site of his own for maintaining his personal content on his personal

user specific content... check
Since you didn't specify where the "personal content" comes from and how 
it is "managed" by the user, I can't check this in detail. But basically 
it should be possible with TYPO3.

> site. There will be around 1000+ users per subportal. Moreover, each

That's going to be a rather large database. You should spend a minute or 
two thinking about replication and check if TYPO3 can do that in a way 
that suits your needs.

> subportal will have blogs, communities, groups etc. as well as some

Timtab? ;-)

> shared content sites. Each user having an indpendent site on a
> subportal, may also need to connect to an email server where an email
> account rests for him. So the question is, Is Typo3 a good choice to

You mean every user needs ome sort of webmail system, like an GMX 
frontend? Not sure if there's already an extension for this task, but 
with a site that large, you will need to do a lot of coding your own 
stuff anyway.

> fit these needs? If it is, then what problematic areas will I deal
> with? Any specific considerations?suggestions?

Traffic/performance and content replication can be problematic areas. And 
I guess you will need to do a good deal of extension coding on your own. 
Prepare for a steep learning curve, but if you master that, most problems 
can be solved.

> By the way, till now the race has narrowed down between Typo3,Plone
> and Drupal.

Can't say anything about Plone & Drupal, so better check them out 


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