[TYPO3] 4.0 Beta 3 - Update Reference Index?

marcel.gsteiger at milprog.ch marcel.gsteiger at milprog.ch
Mon Feb 20 23:02:49 CET 2006

Matthew Runo schrieb:
> Hey-
> So I guess I'm on the bleeding edge with Beta3 of 4.0. I've ran into an 
> issue, but wanted to make sure that it was actually a bug before I 
> submitted it.
> I'm getting this message in the BE..
> "Important notice!
> - The Reference Index table is empty which is likely to be the case 
> because you just upgraded your TYPO3 source. Please to the Tools>DB 
> Check and update the reference index.
> It is highly recommended that you change this immediately"
> I've updated the index several times to no effect. Anyone have any 
> ideas? I updated from BETA2 to BETA3.
> -- 
> Matthew
I have the same problem. I even updated using the CLI interface... the 
same happens there.

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