[TYPO3] Frontend not showing/page is being generated (whole site/specific pages)

Erik Svendsen erik at linnearad.no
Sun Feb 19 18:15:34 CET 2006

Hi list!!

This is an update of news://news.netfielders.de/mailman.1.1139941710.31375.typo3-english@lists.netfielders.de

After "to many" days with trying and testing, I think I have found solution 
to some of the problems, but not every. And I feel really stuck on some of 
them. Haven't any clue how to solve them. So the rest of the post, both will 
tell what I find as problem, and where I have no clue.

First: The server configuration: Fedora Core 4, PHP 5.0.5, Apache 2.54, MySQL 
4.1.16. PHP is installed with mbstring and eaccelerator, but both are turned 
of to reduce the numbers of factors in testing.

The problem occured after upgrading PHP from 5.0.4 to 5.0.5, and also installed 
PHP-IMAP. All the sites worked before that. PHP is configured to log errors 
to a specific file.

The server has three different TYPO3 installations, with ver 3.8.1, 4.0beta2, 
4.0beta3. All using TemplaVoila

On the 3.8.1 installation, i got it to work except for three pages when I 
deinstalled de_phpot. The three pages who dont't work has following extensions 
installed, indexedsearch (2.1.3), Modern Guestbook (1.8.2), New Frontend 
Login Box (2.2.9). Upgrading Modern Guestbook to 1.9.6, didn't solve any 
problem. I can't find anything indicating what the problem is in any of the 
logs. If you want to see the problem, try http://home.linnearad.no/. In right 
menu "Faste Linker", follwing choices "Søkeside, Gjestebok, Logg inn side".

On the 4.0beta2 installation, the problem is somehow similar. Indexed Search 
(2.9.0) don't make the page disappear, but the search form is not showing. 
And New Front End Login Box (2.2.11) gets the page to disappear (page is 
beeing generated). I have deinstalled every extension i don't need. (this 
installation i upgraded from 3.8.0 --> 3.8.1 --> 4.0beta2). Not accessible 
outside my personal network.

On the 4.0beta3 installation the problem is the most funniest. Here i have 
two sites. On one of them i got the layout and menus to show if i deactivate 
css_styled... in Include Static. If I active it, nothing in frontend (page 
is being generated). The same on the other one. Here is admPanel enabled, 
and it shows up in the frontend (together with page is beeing generated). 
Also here I have deinstalled a lot of extensions. (this installation is upgraded 
from 3.9.0 csv to 4.0beta1, to 4.0beta2 to 4.0beta3). Not accessible outside 
my personal network.

Even on the beta installations i got none messages in logs indicating what 
the problem is. 

I haven't tried a clean beta3 installation yet, and maybe this is the only 
way to check out if the problem is PHP 5.0.5 related, or some of TYPO3 extensions. 
Also downgrading PHP to 5.0.4 is a solution. But I think there will be other 
than me upgrading PHP, so it could be nice to isolate the problems (or is 
it only wrong TS on my sites)

With hope for some help!!

Erik Svendsen

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