[TYPO3] Page comments ext problem

Amiran Chyb amiran.chyb at stopspam.gmail.com
Sat Feb 18 23:14:54 CET 2006

Hi there

I've been trying to adopt a solution to provide commenting system to my  
site on per article basis (so content comments are unnecessary).

I'd be happy if I could use some existing mature extension like modern  
guestbook. it's manual mentions commenting system funcionality, but only  
in connection with tt_news, while I'd like to hook it up to normal pages  
with various content.

So is there any solution involving some well tested (and working with  
realurl etc) extension ?

existing sk_pagecomments extension seems to suit the needs, but I have  
some problems with it:

1) doesn't seem to work with realurl (tries to concatenate its GET vars to  
realurl url:

/foo/bar/&tx_skpagecomments_pi1[showComments]=1 ...

which results in page not found error
  - is there any way to modify the extension in such way that it would use  
standard URL with extension data submitted as standard GET vars? (i.e.  
) despite RealUrl turned on?

2)when comment is added "page is being generated" appears, which I don't  
think is necessary in case of such simle underlying functionality (btw. is  
it standard Typo page? where can I change this text?)

3) (the worst one) after submitting the comment in the form nothing  
happens - till I refresh the page with F5 (and agree to resend POST data)  
- only then the comment is added to db.

thank you very much for any help


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