[TYPO3] Page Content gone after code update?

Jesper Weissglas jesper at seventhwave.se
Sat Feb 18 14:02:19 CET 2006

I need some advice on how to troubleshoot an installation that stopped rendering 
page content.

I was having some problems with a new 3.8.1 based site, something in the s/w had 
gone wrong, maybe a file had been accidentally deleted or something (I had been 
peeking around in the code to find out how some things worked), so I decided to 
replace the code directories with freshly downloaded ones.

All extensions except the Adaltas skin where loaded locally.

So I replaced the typo3, tslib and t3lib directories.

Lost the skin, of course, but more strange, the site stopped rendering page content.

I activated the install folder and ran a Database Compare, everything OK.

Cleared all cashes.

I deleted the root template and created a new copy with the TS Code that was 
working fine a few moments ago.

For some reason the "Is root of website" in the Page Header of my root page had 
gotten unchecked, so I checked that.

Still when I access the site front page I get a blank page. The HTML <head> looks 
OK, with my site name and css links inserted properly.

But the <body> is completely empty!!

Advice on how to find the problem would be greatly appreciated.

(The Backend stuff that was broken and caused me to replace the s/w directories 
was fixed, though!)


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