[TYPO3] Limit columns for to one language

Sune Brodersen typo3 at sunebrodersen.dk
Sat Feb 18 13:13:43 CET 2006

I found out to disable the right stuff wiht the following TS:

mod.web_layout.menu.function.0 = 0
mod.web_layout.menu.function.1 = 0
mod.web_layout.menu.function.3 = 0
mod.web_layout.disableAdvanced = 1
mod.web_layout.tt_content.colPos_list = 0
mod.web_layout.disableBigButtons = 1
mod.web_layout.disableSearchBox = 1

My problem is still that the user can see the default language. I want 
him only to see the language that he can edit!


Sune Brodersen skrev:
> Hi,
> I have a user that should only be able to see and edit one type of 
> language. I have set up this user and it works fine. But when i log in 
> with the user i can see both the default column and the column with the 
> language that he can edit. Of course he cant edit the default language 
> but he should not be able to see the column with the default language. 
> So if there are no translation of the page yet he should only have the 
> possibility to choose "Make new translation of this page:"
> Besides that i want the selectbox in the right top corner to only have 
> the "language" option and NOT the "pageinfo, quickedit and columns"
> I have looked araound but couldnt find anything.
> Hope someone can help me :)
> Best Regards
> Sune

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